NCFS Partners with KCD Software

At NCFS we strive to bring the best CNC training available. Strategic partnerships with industry leaders like KCD Software help us achieve that goal. Beginning fall of 2024 we will offer classes in KCD to help you maximize your CNC machine to produce cabinets, closets, doors, windows, and furniture.

Because we come from manufacturing backgrounds, we understand the challenges cabinet and furniture manufactories face. Aging workforces, skills changing, the need for techinological integration to stay relevant, continuing education and workforce development. Our CNC training program has been designed from the ground up with you in mind, and KCD Software was built with the same focus, by people who do what do. If you are transitioning from hand drawing to digital design, need to improve your overall workflow, produce accurate cutlists, provide accurate renderings to clients, improve your CNC machining, etc, this is the right program for you. They have numerous options for rent and purchase, so they can meet you at the level you need them – and you can integrate KCD features as you need them intead of paying for features you may not want or need.

We invite you to take a look at their software in this video and look forward to seeing you in a class ths fall!



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