01/26 Table Saw Mastery, Level 1: Safety & Technique


January 26, 2024

Table Saw Mastery, Level 1: Safety & Technique

Join us for a hands-on, in depth table saw class designed for beginners and intermediate woodworkers. This is the first class in a 4 part course designed to help you work safely and efficiently with precision. Seats are limited and we will only offer this class once a year, so be sure to register early to secure your seat.


We are excited to announce this new class; the first part of a learning course consisting of 4 classes designed to help you master the table saw. We understand that this is a challenging machine to fully understand, and want to help you overcome apprehensions and learn to work with this machine safely and confidently.

In this first level of the Table Saw Mastery Course, we will take a deep dive into table saw mechanics, cut dynamics, maintenance, and proper safety practices. We will explore the differences between cross cutting and rip cutting in a variety of materials including: soft wood, hardwood, plywood, laminate, and plastic. We will also examine blade types and help you understand which blades to buy and how to select the right one for a task. You will learn to make 2 types of push sticks to take home, and learn about a variety of table saw accessories to help you work safely, while improving your workflow efficiency and precision. We will have 4 table saws setup for this class, including a 10″ portable contractor’s saw, a 10″ cabinet maker’s saw, a 12″ furniture maker’s saw, and a heavy duty  12″ industrial sliding table saw with a scoring blade. Each saw has unique features, designed for specific tasks, so you will have the opportunity to learn about and cut with each machine. There is a lot to learn in each aspect of this class, so plan to take detailed notes and prepare any questions you may have so we can address them during the class.

Please note, this is an active hands on class in which you will use the machines frequently. Please bring clear, clean safety glasses, hearing protection (we prefer over-the-ear muff style hearing protection as they fit more securely, provide better decibel reduction, and physical protection in the event of flying debris). Wear comfortable close-toed shoes and work clothes with no dangling drawstrings, baggy sleeves, etc. Seats are limited, and we will only offer this class once per year. So be sure to register early!

Event Details

Table Saw Mastery, Level 1: Safety & Technique

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Friday, January 26, 2024

Date: January 26, 2024

Start time: 09:00 a.m. EST

End time: 05:00 p.m. EST

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