November 30, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The North Carolina Furniture School
503 SR Second St
Ayden, NC 28513
Stuart Kent

Design is a pursuit. It is an abstract concept that many woodworkers struggle to truly understand. However, like its sibling music theory, visual design does have structure and can be understood. This class will introduce the framework of visual design and help to demystify some of the deeper abstract problems in the process. Participants will learn the terminology of the design language, and methodologies for creating better designs.

We will discuss some key concepts in design and help you to become conscious of them. We will show examples of furniture styles, design evolution, wood selection, and the impact of finishing on the success of a design. After lunch we will have design workshop to reinforce the concepts and teach you to apply the design framework with purpose and intent.

If you would like to bring a woodworking creation of your own, we can critique it with the group so you can gain a greater understanding of how the design in successful, and how it might be improved.

Lunch, refreshments, and materials will be provided.

This is one of our most popular classes, so book your spot early!

North Carolina Furniture School
503 Second St.
Ayden, NC 28513

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