The NCFS Tool Store

We proudly sell and service woodworking and woodturning equipment from many of brands we use in our shop. We stand behind the products we sell and always strive to give you the best pricing possible. Call us for a quote on your next purchase.


Robust makes the highest quality woodturning lathes available. They are hand built to order by our friends in Wisconsin, and we are proud to have them in our shop.

Call for Pricing on any of the Premium American Made Robust Products, and come spend a day with us in a woodturning class to try one of these Robust Lathe Models:
American Beauty
Sweet 16

In 2008 Easy Wood Tools revolutionized woodturning when they introduced carbide-tipped chisels. These tools make woodturning safe and easy, so you can spend more time thinking about the forms you create and no time sharpening. We proudly use these tools for our own work and teach students with them in our classes. Come give them a try in one of our upcoming woodturning classes and we think you will like them as much as we do.


Nova is outside the box. They are rethinking woodworking and bringing tech to the table with their smart computer-interfaced DVR (Direct Variable Reluctance) motor systems. We are excited to have their new DVR Voyager Drill Press in our shop – it is the biggest advance in drilling technology since the advent of the modern electric drill press. In the NCFS Woodturning Studio we are also excited about the three DVR lathes we have for students to use; currently we have two full size Galaxi models and in a few months we have one of the new larger capacity DVR models! We are also proud sellers of all of the great Nova woodturning chucks, there is one on every lathe in the main shop and the Mobile Classroom, so come give them a ‘spin’

Rikon offers a full range of innovative and well priced woodworking and woodturning machines, as well as a full range of machine accessories. They also have one of the very best customer service departments in the industry. We use Rikon machines exclusively in the Mobile Classroom, so give us a call and we’ll bring the woodworking lessons to you for an opportunity to get some hands-on experience with Rikon tools. 



American Made. Purpose Built. No Nonsense. Done right.

Dust is bad for you and creates fire hazards. Don’t overlook this, and don’t be cheap about it either.

We proudly use Oneida Air Systems in our shop and you should too. Call us for a dust collection consultation and quote. We’ll help you build the right system for your needs.


Harvey is a name well known outside of the United States, but you are very familiar with their products. They are a large-scale manufacturer that produces high-quality equipment for companies like Grizzly, Laguna, Powermatic, Jet and others. They are introducing some of their innovative machines through limited U.S. dealers and we are glad to welcome them at NCFS. We currently have two of their premium machines in our shop; the T-40 lathe with a CNC Servo motor, and the GYRO AIR, a super efficient, super quiet portable dust collector.