North Carolina Furniture School Master Class, Dec 1: Demystifying Design @ The North Carolina Furniture School
Dec 1 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Design is a pursuit. It is an abstract concept that many woodworkers struggle to truly understand. However, like its sibling music theory, visual design does have structure and can be understood. This class will introduce the framework of visual design and help to demystify some of the deeper abstract problems in the process. Participants will learn the terminology of the design language, and methodologies for creating better designs.

We will discuss some key concepts in design and help you to become conscious of them. We will show examples of furniture styles, design evolution, wood selection, and the impact of finishing on the success of a design. After lunch we will have design workshop to reinforce the concepts and teach you to apply the design framework with purpose and intent.

If you would like to bring a woodworking creation of your own, we can critique it with the group so you can gain a greater understanding of how the design in successful, and how it might be improved.

Lunch, refreshments, and materials will be provided.

This is one of our most popular classes, so book your spot early!

North Carolina Furniture School
503 Second St.
Ayden, NC 28513

North Carolina Furniture School December 2 – 3, Woodworking 101 @ The North Carolina Furniture School
Dec 2 @ 9:00 am – Dec 3 @ 4:00 pm

Join us for a two-day woodworking course to learn the fundamentals of workshop safety and efficiency. This is a fun two day workshop that introduces the proper use and and maintenance of common woodworking machines and hand tools. We will introduce every aspect of woodworking from material selection to finishing.

Topics include material selection and storage, machine safety, measuring and marking, milling, hand tool use and maintenance, joinery, assembly, sanding, and basic finishing. Throughout each lesson, we will reinforce the necessity of a workshop ethos where safe practices are partnered with efficient production techniques.

This is one of our most popular classes, reserve your seat today!

The North Carolina Furniture School
503 Second St.
Ayden, NC 28513


Machine Joinery 1 @ the North Carolina Furniture School
Dec 4 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Machine Joinery 1

9:00am – 4:00pm
Monday Dec. 4, 2017
$175.00 includes all materials and lunch

We designed this class to give you a solid foundation in the most common joints used in general carpentry, cabinet and furniture making. The techniques we will focus on in this class will be made by machine. We will use the types of woodworking machines common to most home or small professional shops. These include the table saw, bandsaw, router, and drill press.

The class will introduce you to joint types, applications, and methods for producing wood-to-wood joints using woodworking machines. We will use the types of machines commonly found in home and small commercial shops. The course will emphasize joinery nomenclature, operator safety, cut repeatability, and accuracy. During the class you will produce joinery samples for:

  • Butt Joints
  • Miter Joints
  • Splined Miter Joints
  • Dowel Joints
  • Lap Joints
  • Grooves
  • Dados
  • Rabets
  • Finger Joints
  • Box Joints
  • Dowel Joints
  • Blind, Pinned, and Through Mortise & Tenon Joints
  • Floating Tenons
  • Through, Half-blind, and Sliding Dovetails


Finishing 1 @ the North Carolina Furniture School
Dec 5 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

9am – 4pm
all materials & lunch provided

Wood finishing can be complex and difficult. There are penetrating oils, synthetic varnishes, lacquers, shellac, dyes, stains, gels, paints, sanding sealers, grain fillers, putties, waxes, solvents, urethanes, and the list goes on. We developed this class to help you understand the various types of finishes available and focus on how when, why, and where to use them.

We will begin with a foundation in material selection and preparation, to help you understand which finishes to choose and for your projects. Then we will discuss the various types of abrasives and explore how, when, why, and where to use them. We will then focus on wood sealers and techniques for coloring wood with dyes and stains. After sealing and coloring we will explore varnishes, film finishes, waxes, and polishes.

In the final portion of the class we will introduce the various types of paints. We will talk about the various types of paints and the quality spectrum. Then we will discuss material preparation and the importance of proper priming; and then explore brushing and spraying techniques.

We will provide handouts for the course content, but encourage you to bring a notebook to record tips and tricks we share with you during the class. As with all NCFS classes, please bring your own safety glasses. If you have questions please feel free to contact Stuart directly by email at or by phone 252.916.8226.