the NCFS machine shop is very well equipped with industrial duty woodworking machines. They are grouped into seven work stations, each with dedicated tooling storage, brooms, scrap bins, and trash cans. The stations are arranged in a linear workflow:

sorting → crosscutting → milling → cutting → shaping → boring → sanding

Sorting: lumber storage, sawhorses, benches, & material carts
Crosscutting: miter saw, radial arm saw
Milling: 8″ helical jointer, 16″ power-fed straight line rip saw, 12″ & 20″ planers
Cutting: 10″ & 14″ cabinet table saws, 14″ bandsaw
Shaping: 2x) HD spindle shapers, overhead pin router, cabinet-style router table
Boring: 2x) HD floor standing drill presses,  1x) light duty benchtop drill press
Sanding: stationary belt & disc sander, pneumatic & electric sanders